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Come and view the proposed designs for Brent Cross South: The Exploratory, a series of temporary projects at the beginning of the Brent Cross South regeneration comprising the Temporary Open Space, a visitor centre, improvements to the Claremont Way parade of shops and public realm improvements which will link these spaces together.

Exhibition day 1: Saturday 6 July, 10am to 2pm, Claremont Way parade of shops, NW2 1AJ

Exhibition day 2: Wednesday 17 July, 6pm to 8pm, Claremont Way parade of shops, NW2 1AJ

Reserved Matters planning approval has been granted for Plot 13 and Phase 1 South associated highways and public realm. Plot 13 will front onto Claremont Park and the new High Street, and is proposed to include privately rented and sale units, a community centre, a neighbourhood cinema and retail space.

Planning approval for the Temporary Open Space has now been granted.

The Temporary Open Space will provide a replacement park during the construction of Claremont Park and the refurbishment of Clitterhouse Playing Fields (Part 1). The Temporary Open Space will be on the site of Plot 11 and will open in 2020. Focused around play and recreation, the space will be used to pilot new design ideas for the wider area.

More information on the Temporary Open Space, including designs, facilities and more can be found here.

Join us on Tuesday the 13th of November between 6pm and 9pm at Whitefield School for a public exhibition displaying the final designs for Plots 11 and 13 in Brent Cross South.

This is the final exhibition for the designs of these plots. As well as this, Argent Related will be presenting the updated proposals for a new neighborhood park known as Claremont Park.

We will be holding two public exhibitions to present the proposals for the first detailed designs for the new buildings and public realm within Plots 11 and 13.

The first exhibition will take place on Saturday the 14th of July between 12pm and 4pm at Carey Hall, 58 Claremont Road, NW2 1BU.

The second exhibition will be held on Tuesday the 17th of July between 6pm and 9pm at Whitefield School, Claremont Road, NW2 1TR.

Click here to download the flyer to find out more information about the exhibitions

Please join us for the final information event before the submission of proposals for the first buildings within Plot 12, part of Phase 1BS of the Southern part of the Brent Cross Cricklewood regeneration.

The event will present information of the submission proposals following the public exhibitions held in July. Information will be available about the two new buildings including replacement homes for the Whitefield Estate residents, as well as the surrounding public realm.
The event will also include some further detail on a temporary open space to be delivered in advance of the first new buildings.

The detailed plans for Plot 12 shown at this event will then be submitted to Barnet Planning Department in October for Reserved Matters Approval. Members of the BXS team will be at the event to answer any questions you may have about these proposals as well as the wider project.

Click here to download the flyer to find out more information about the exhibition

We will be holding public exhibitions over the 12th, 13th and 15th of July to present the proposed designs of the first phase of Brent Cross South, known as Phase 1BS in the Outline Planning Permission.  This will include the first buildings to be delivered at Brent Cross South.  The aspirations for Phase 1BS were set out in our previous newsletter in April this year which can be downloaded from the BXS dialogue page here:

Your feedback is important before the plans are submitted for detailed planning permission (Reserved Matters) later this year. The team will also introduce elements of the emerging new town centre, such as the new street networks and public spaces. 
 We are also seeking feedback on the proposal for an exciting new temporary open space at the heart of the scheme for events and activities.

Please come along to one of the exhibition dates to find out more about 1BS and share your thoughts on elements of it with the team. 

12th July, 5pm – 9pm at Whitefield School
13th July, 12pm – 4pm, Claremont Free Church
15th July, 10am – 4pm, Clayton Crown Hotel

Click here to download the newsletter to find out more information about the exhibitions.

In preparing to make a start on site with the first phase, the BXS Partnership is seeking to revise the sequencing (or ‘phasing’) of delivery originally envisaged in the approved Outline Planning Permission 2014. The reason for this proposed change now is to respond to real constraints and conditions on the ground in setting out the foundation for this new neighbourhood. The proposed re-phasing will result in a better match to the delivery sequence of the Shopping Centre and new Thameslink Station and the supporting infrastructure.

The BXS Partnership has submitted a ‘re-phasing application’ to Barnet Council to confirm what will be included in the first part of the Brent Cross South development. All documents relating to the submission are publicly available via Barnet Council’s website through this link and we you can also view them here on the Brent Cross South website.

This month, Hammerson and Standard Life Investments will submit a number of planning applications to Barnet Council to enable the transfer of six essential pieces of infrastructure from the ‘Brent Cross London’ part of the development to ‘Brent Cross South’, which is being delivered by a Joint Venture between Argent Related and Barnet Council.

The infrastructure items, which are within the 192 acre ‘Brent Cross South’ site and have detailed planning consent, are as follows:


  • High Street South (East) – a short stretch of the High Street between the Tempelhof Link Road and Market Square;
  • Claremont Avenue;
  • Orchard Lane; and
  • Claremont Road/Claremont Avenue Junction North.

Open Spaces:

  • Claremont Park; and
  • Clitterhouse Playing Fields (Part 1).

The works listed above are integral to the ‘Brent Cross South’ development and transferring delivery to the Argent Related/Barnet Council partnership means that it will be coordinated to best fit the phasing and delivery of the ‘Brent Cross South’ masterplan.

The transfer will ensure that the enhancements to Claremont Park and Clitterhouse Playing Fields are delivered sequentially, to avoid closure of both parks at the same time. Also, a temporary open space will be delivered very early in the ‘Brent Cross South’ development programme to ensure that residents have continued access to as much open space as possible throughout construction works.

Click here to see the map of Infrastructure Transfer Application.

You may have recently heard about consultation events being held for the next phase of the Brent Cross Shopping Centre redevelopment.

These events, taking place in November, are being held by Hammerson and Standard Life Investments (the joint owners of Brent Cross Shopping Centre), who will be consulting local people about their plans to modernise and redevelop the 40-year-old Brent Cross into a world-class shopping and leisure destination.

The redevelopment of the shopping centre is an important part of the wider regeneration known as Brent Cross Cricklewood, of which the Brent Cross South development forms a part.

Click here to see the map of responsibilities.

The Hammerson and Standard Life Investments consultation events are being run independently from the BXS Positive Dialogue process. However, the BXS team will be on hand at the Brent Cross Shopping Centre consultation events in order to answer any questions about Brent Cross South.

Further information relating to the Brent Cross Shopping Centre consultation is available here.

We are also planning a further round of meetings with the Community Liaison Groups in November to discuss the emerging plans for the first phase of the Brent Cross South project. More details to follow…