Overview Of Key Documents

This section presents Brent Cross South’s key planning submissions and proposals to date. It provides direct access to the main planning documents and links to all planning application information publicly available via Barnet Council’s planning portal.

In 2010, the comprehensive redevelopment of the Brent Cross Cricklewood (BXC) regeneration area, of which Brent Cross South (BXS) is a part, was initially granted outline planning permission under planning permission reference C/17559/08.

On 23 July 2014, this permission was amended under planning permission reference F/04687/13, the ‘Section 73’ Permission, to separate the original BXC site along the North Circular Road, into two areas, Brent Cross London (BXL) to the north of the North Circular Road and Brent Cross South (BXS) to the south. The original BXC land is also bound by the terms of a related Section 106 Agreement dated 22 July 2014.

Outline planning permission

An application for outline planning permission allows for a decision on the general principles of how a site can be developed. Outline planning permission is granted subject to conditions requiring the subsequent approval of one or more ‘reserved matters’.

Reserved Matters Applications

A Reserved Matters Application (RMA) follows an outline planning permission. An RMA deals with some or all of the outstanding details of the outline application proposals including: detailed design, appearance, means of access, landscaping, layout and scale. The details of an RMA must accord with the outline approval including any conditions attached to the permission.

Planning conditions

Planning permission may be granted, subject to conditions, for example, restricting what activities can take place on premises, or requiring detailed approval to be acquired for specific aspects of the development, such as the types of materials to be used, before full consent is granted. The planning authority must give reasons for the conditions.

  • 2010 Outline Planning Permission
    In 2010 an Outline Planning Permission for the entire BXC masterplan area was granted to Hammerson and Standard Life Investments (HSL). The Outline Planning Permission sets out guidelines for the overall scale and quality of the Brent Cross South development.Planning application reference number: C/17599/08

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  • 2014 Section 73 Permission
    In 2014 a revised (Section 73) Outline Planning Permission was approved which split the BXC site along the North Circular Road so that a third development partner might take the lead in delivering the southern portion of the site. In 2015, Barnet Council selected Argent Related as its preferred development partner for Brent Cross South.Although the Outline Permission provides a clear set of guidelines for Brent Cross South, it is also the starting point for more detailed design work, currently underway, which forms the basis for community engagement and consultation on the evolving plans.

    Planning application reference number: F/04687/13

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  • 2016 Infrastructure Transfer Application
    In November 2016 the BXL development partners submitted an application to Barnet Council to enable the transfer of six important infrastructure items from the Brent Cross North part of the development to Brent Cross South.The items transferred are strategically important to the Brent Cross South development, and their transfer to the BXS Partnership (see Who is Involved) means they can now be co-ordinated effectively to support the delivery of the southern portion of the original masterplan. This transfer also means that enhancements to BXS open spaces are now being delivered by the BXS partnership and that improvement works to parks and green spaces, such as Claremont Park and Clitterhouse Playing Fields, can be better co-ordinated.

    Planning application reference number: 16/7489/CON

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  • 2017 Re-phasing Application
    The 2014 (Section 73) Permission anticipated that the first substantive phase of Brent Cross South (BXS) would be an area immediately to the south of the Holiday Inn, in the northern part of the Whitefield Estate. However, this area is now needed for the delivery of critical infrastructure.Throughout the development phase it is the intention that BXS should be a vibrant well-functioning place. Therefore, from a place-making and practical perspective, the BXS Partnership believes it is more appropriate to bring forward a different area of the masterplan than that originally outlined in the 2014 Permission.

    The proposed re-phasing still seeks to create the first substantive phase of development within the BXS development. However, this will now commence along the proposed High Street South and on land fronting onto Clarefield Park and the new Claremont Park. This will include the delivery of Part 2 of the Whitefield Estate Replacement Units (Norden Point, Claire Point and Wychcote Point), which must be completed and available for occupation prior to demolition of the existing Whitefield Estate.

    Planning application reference number: 17/2694/CON

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    + 01 Statement of Compliance
    + 02 Explanatory Report
    + 03 Parameter Plan
    + 04 Draft Third Deed of Variation to S106 Agreement
    + 05 Conditions 2.4 and 2.5 Report
    + 06 Conditions 4.2, 2.4 and 2.5 Application Forms

  • Reserved Matters Application 1AS
    The first phase of development at Brent Cross South is important as it will set the tone for the wider project. This first phase comprises three sub-phases in the Outline Planning Permission: 1AS, 1BS and 1C. Sub-phase 1AS includes early road works.Planning application reference number: 15/06518/RMA

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  • Claremont Park Planning Permission
    Planning permission to deliver a new neighbourhood park in Brent Cross South was approved in October 2019. Plans for Claremont Park include a range of features such as: new play areas, park furniture, a pond, fencing and shared pedestrian and cycling routes.

    Improving the play offer and other park facilities will ensure that the park attracts a wide range of users and becomes a dynamic and active community space for the existing and growing communities around the park.

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