About the BXS Dialogue

The Brent Cross South development partnership has appointed Soundings, an independent engagement agency, to talk with local people to inform the development of plans and designs and facilitate communication with local groups committed to the long-term success of Brent Cross South.

This will build upon previous consultation from the time of the outline planning permission with a focus on how the project will actually be delivered. This discussion is being called the BXS Positive Dialogue.

Soundings’ first piece of work has been to research the diverse communities that make up Brent Cross, Cricklewood and the surrounding areas.

They have been meeting with and speaking to representatives of local groups and community organisations and holding informal discussions with local people at established and popup events.

From these initial conversations Soundings has begun to gather a wide range of interests and ideas that exist in relation to the Brent Cross South development.

They will carry on meeting local groups and organisations, drawing new voices into this ongoing dialogue.

Soundings is helping to assemble a number of Community Liaison Groups (CLG) where people can share their thoughts and aspirations openly with the development team.

If you represent a local group, tenants and or residents’ association, local business or community group and believe you could contribute to the project through helping to steer the detailed design, and inform the wider masterplan, please do get in touch with Soundings.

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Photo from Community Liason Group meeting


Photo from Community Liason Group meeting


Photo from pop-up exhibition


Photo from pop-up exhibition


Photo from exhibition