Our Conversations

The Brent Cross South partnership appointed Soundings, an independent engagement agency, to assist the Brent Cross South (BXS) team in having conversations and dialogue with local people and organisations to help inform the evolving plans and designs for BXS.

Soundings’ role is to facilitate communication and help identify local groups to participate in and positively influence plans for the long-term success of BXS. Soundings works closely with the BXS Community Engagement and Regeneration team to ensure the community is able to view and comment on design and plans at the right time and in a meaningful way.

These discussions build on earlier consultations from the time of the original outline planning permission, with a principal focus on how BXS will actually be delivered to meet the needs and aspirations of the regeneration. Communication is through this website, Community Liaison Group meetings, workshops, public exhibitions and one-to-one conversations, e-updates to our mailing list as well as newsletters and flyers promoting specific events.
Historic information about early consultation can be found on the right or below.


Photo from Community Liaison Group meeting


Photo from Community Liaison Group meeting


Photo from pop-up exhibition


Photo from pop-up exhibition


Photo from exhibition